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‘The ability to express an idea is well nigh as important as the idea itself.’

Bernard Baruch

Why TLC?


Simple: TLC stands for The Language Centre, a company that has been providing language courses and translation services to companies, schools, associations and individuals since 2010.


 TLC carries out technical and commercial translations of all types including legal contracts, web sites, brochures, as well as scientific & academic articles and books on behalf of companies, associations and individuals.

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 As The Language Centre, we have been offering language courses of all types since 2010. Over the years we have collaborated with numerous companies, associations and schools as well as hundreds of individual students.


 Our new consulting service goes beyond basic communication in order to help small-medium sized Italian enterprises be more competitive in an evermore multi-lingual and social-media based global market place.

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Words & Music by… the art of translating lyrics

March 8, 2017

So what do I do? Luckily for me that’s kind of hard to really nail down.I say luckily because I’ve never really had to work too hard at doing what I d...